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by Maxnet PR

Using Mobile First for Real Time Consumer Intelligence

These are challenging times, and we are surrounded by uncertainties and our smart mobile devices. It is the managed intelligence from this very smart device that will make retail brands rise in business and stay connected with customer experience and product stories are the growth parallels within the retail industry space

Retail brands need to look at this smart device to stay ahead of competition and be better informed about their customers and competition. The COVID-19 has seen the use of smart devoices to track and define contamination and control its spread and as we exit this pandemic lockdown the same technology  that has yielded positive results, now can be deployed with Retail brands to be more better informed about customer profiles, delivery and stocks, competition and monitor their neighborhood business stories with informed and managed intel!

Brands need to point their attention to the route of Mobile First for predictive and perspective Consumer Intelligence. Brands have customer data that they use for informed decisions. This data is historical and gets collected from the point of sale. There are data set like point of interests, geospatial data and other that retail brands can use to combine with their own customer data to get real time intelligence about their customer sentiments.

Brands should adopt a combination of perspective and predictive approach with looking at their customers shopping journey and be interested to know what their customers look at when they are shopping with competition or outside the brands sales perimeter. This Science Of Being Where is driving informed decisions for growth and to churn the customer behavior. One such augmented intelligent tool, smart mapping will let you explore, understand, and find meaning in your customer data.

16 Dec 2020