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Is a Smartphone app a smart option for your retail and finance needs?

With the accelerated rate of growth in mobile app usage, Maxnet leverages technology to innovate products that drive growth. The mobile experience provides an environment where content and media merge to deliver an impactful experience for users. Technology has evolved to deliver more functionality on mobile devices. Mobile apps now provide a combination of text, pictures and video content embracing the growing demand for rapid change and quality content. Among the many improvements Maxnet has brought to the table are: enhanced user experience, increased sophistication, multi-channel integration, cloud partners and more. With every new app we have developed the following mobile features: technology that facilitates videos, capturing data, mapping, and quick updates and near field communication (NFC).

How Maxnet fits your Mobile App needs?

Maxnet offers the small and mid-size enterprises the opportunity to reach their clients with their products and service offerings. Along with these basic but important projects, we are fully equipped to do some hardcore mobile application development. Our talented pool of mobile app developers is diverse and able to provide development services for the most common platforms, iPhone and Android. Our team has deep skills with JAVA for Android, Objective-C for iOS, HB++ for Windows, and the additions of HTML-5 and Microsoft Silverlight.

Our aim is to make these platforms easily available and affordable for everyone