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5 Tips for Recruiting .Net Programmer

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By Maxnet PR
Friday, July, 26 2013

Hiring the right new developer can be challenging, but it does not have to be complicated if you plan properly. This article will provide IT managers a short list of important things to consider before hiring a software developer. By focusing on the right things you can increase the chances of getting the right developer for the job.

#1. Technology that Suits the Environment
    Try to choose programming languages for which there is adequate supply of developers in the current market.  For example Microsoft developers are more easily available and since there will be competition, you will benefit from it economically.

#2. Create a Killer Job Description
    Developer Job description changes as technology evolves. We have created a sample template for a .NET developer to serve as a guide for your hiring process.

#3. Today’s Candidates are Influenced By Trends
    Include some of the latest technical features in the job description for your project. You may include them as optional or mandatory. Adding these features will attract good talent.

#4. Understanding a Programmer’s Resume
     You must NOT overlook education, certifications and recent employer/client experience. Good programmers will have at least a four year degree in computer science with an emphasis in software development regardless of which country they come from. Be aware that depending on the country where they completed their education the name of the degree may vary. Certifications and recent experience must be verified.

#5. Meet Candidates Informally Before Any Formal Interviews
     A simple coffee meeting can go a long way towards getting a feel for how candidates are outside the pressure of a formal interview. Our years of experience in the recruiting industry specializing in hiring software developers has proven that if you get these five things right you will have greater success hiring the right developers.

In our next article we will focus on the 5 technical skills to consider before hiring a software developer.

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