Maxnet Technology
Fitness4life provides a platform for nutritionist who wants to become a perfect diet planner. Fitness4life gives a friendly interface that allows every nutritionist to create meal plans for his/her clients. Through this web based application you can easily make a perfect diet plan for your clients according to their physical and mental status.

You can manage meal food, supplements and meal plans according to your client?s physical activities and calories, like breakfast, Mid AM snacks, lunch, Mid PM snacks, dinner, and night snacks. But keep in mind Total burn calorie exceeds the total calories provided by meal plan the meal planner you cannot add food of supplements into your meal plan.

This web application allows provides you online email service that allows you o not only save your meal plan but you can also send it to clients through email. Fitness4life is developed in several phases by Maxnet Technolgies using Microsoft Asp.Net (C#) for front end programming and MS SQL Server to secure large amount of industrial data.

Key Features
Pop ups for adding and editing the records
Updating data in grid view without refreshing the webpage
Well designed email template

Technologies Used
Microsoft ASP.Net (C#)
MS SQL Server
Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX )

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