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Maxnet eCommerce is one of the best products developed by Maxnet Technologies. The basic purpose of this product is to provide an online eCommerce platform to merchants, where they can easily manage their online shop with almost every standard and advance feature of a modern eCommerce website. The application is built with .NET platform and provides online business from all over the world. This eCommerce product allows full and easy control over the interface, content and functionality of their eCommerce store to keep the site fresh.

The store when setup has all standard payment modules, shopping module, shipping and tracking module, sales and promotion of product module plus many more advance features. Users can shop here using different payment methods that include PayPal, Google Checkout and Credit Cards.

Maxnet eCommerce's perceptive administration interface has website management meanings which help the merchant to handle their online store. It provides administration with various functionalities to ensure the best management for online store. This web application allows you to manage your promotions, track your customers and manage your orders in a streamline manner.

Key Features


Administrator can set up the website per his needs and preferences..

Accepts Payments with Ease

Supports for real time processing with
Google Checkout

Ship anywhere in the world

Allows the administrator to override the rates returned from UPS, USPS and Fedex.
Allows admin to define minimum shipping charges.

Web-Based management interface

All configuration is web-based
Password-protected administrative access.
Administrator can manage his online store from anywhere - all needed is an Internet connection.
Easy to follow menu system.
Embedded context-sensitive help.
Offers functions for all the tasks required to manage the website.

Discount Codes, Tax

Supports for entry of discount codes (Coupons) at checkout
Discount codes can be set up using web based management interface.
Discount code can be set to expire once used by an user or it can be of non expiry type.
Administrator can mark products On Sale with Sale price for each product.
Tax can be calculated for different US states at the time of checkout.

Suggested Product sale

For each product you can set Suggested products & displayed at check out.

Order Management

Order management function includes fully searchable database, the ability to enter shipping tracking number for each of the product in order or for the complete order. The order can be marked as complete..
Customers can track status of their orders real-time. The Shipping tracking number and order status updated by website administrator can be seen by the customer under my account function.

Technologies Used
Microsoft ASP.Net (C#)
MS SQL Server
Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX )

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