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Developed in multiple phases by Maxnet Technologies, ITDEPOT is an e-commerce Technology Service developed in Microsoft Asp.Net (C#) and MS SQL Server. It provides a broad selection of services and vendors where you can find your required products and services all at one place. IT Depot allows users to search for products and visits vendor details and information.

This Web Application is very user-friendly for users who like to buy and sell online technology products. The application itself uses the latest technologies in order to provide reporting, illustrations, price comparisons, diagrams and other helpful information for users and Admin for ease. The application not only allows a single user to buy but he can also refer it to someone like your friends and relatives.

The admin panel of the site allows Admin to check the status of purchases and payment details for the confirmed order. It also includes a strong reporting engine allowing admin to see Lead Reports, Referral Reports and Purchase Reports.

Key Features
Use of JQuery Accordion
Use of AJAX Calander Control
Use of JQuery Popup
Exporting data to spreadsheet using Xslt
Product Search
Sales Management
Reports Generation

Channel partner

Technologies Used
Microsoft ASP.Net (C#)
MS SQL Server
Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX )

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