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The Royal line is an ecommerce web application developed by Maxnet Technologies for Royal industries (a well known firm) that deals in the business of "Promotional Products". This application is developed on using Microsoft Asp.Net (C#) for front end programming and leveraging MS SQL Server for the backend.

This web application allows clients and potential buyers to browse different products of different categories by various methods like price range and section vise etc, to place orders for their selected products and track orders they have on site and status updates on these orders with their personalized accounts. The user can also go for Chat online in order to find help or take suggestions for selecting the best product that is according to his needs. The user can email a product to his friends as well.

Admin panel is very flexible and user friendly. It allows you to add products and their details, like images, category, attributes and description etc, which let the user, understands what the product is all about. He can edit or delete these products at any time.

Key Features
Dynamic flip book
Inline update of data in grid
Jquery modal popup
Jquery side menus
Javascript autoslide Banner
Jquery zoom image

Technologies Used
Microsoft ASP.Net (C#)
MS SQL Server
Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX )

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