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Maxnet eCommerce is a feature-rich eCommerce platform built on ASP.NET technology. It provides online merchants the flexibility and control over the look, content and functionality of their eCommerce store. Maxnet eCommerce’s intuitive administration interface has website management functions which helps the merchant manage their online store. This is designed to be completely scalable.


GTECH Consumers and Car Owners can locate trusted Service or Body shops and qualified Technicians then schedule and purchase car repair, service, or body work.   GTECH Consumers have a relationship with their preferred GTECH Technician or GTECH Service Shop and have service conducted at a location convenient to their home or work location. GTECH Consumers can also locate fuel stations, battery charging stations, E85 stations, and many other service stations.

IT Depot is an on-line Supermarket of Technology Products and Services providing user preferred pricing and a broad selection of services and vendors all at one location. IT Depot provides illustrations, price comparisons, diagrams and other helpful information to help the user find the best product or service.

This is an online Project Management application which helps project managers to monitor the projects and control delivery.


Royal industries is in the business of “Promotional Products” It has state-Of-the-Art 100000 +Sq ft vinyl manufacturing plant. The website is used by the clients and potential buyers to browse the Product under various categories and order the products and then on Royal industries side this is used for keeping track of the orders and updating the order status.


This is a on line offering by Cuisine Delight. The website offers packages of healthy diet menus in different combinations. Under “Simple Steps to Table” it demonstrates the process of using the products offered on the website. The website has a online BMI calculator, nutrition tips, Chef tips, under Nutrition for life the website offers many tips for healthy diet, it has section where the user can ask question to nutritionist online.


It is a platform where the Recruiter, employer searching for suitable candidate can find the one per their requirement also the candidate can search the posted jobs meeting his skill sets. In addition to the Resume the candidate can upload his video too. The potential recruiter/ employer can view Candidate’s video. There are Forum and Blog modules which can be used by the candidates to exchange information.


Green Gradients has been built with a goal of having a platform where the Raw material suppliers, marketers and formulators can exchange information about natural ingredients within personal care and household product industries. Green Gredients is  centered on the use of natural and naturally derived ingredients from renewable and sustainable feedstocks that are based on the 24 guiding principles of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. is an online marketplace where buyers of corrugated RSC packaging, displays, and more can find manufacturers that best suit their needs. It gives buyers the tools to post requests for quote (RFQ) and give manufacturers a way to bid on those requests.


This is a webapplication created for practicing nutritionist who can created meal plans for his clients using this interface. For creating the nutrition plan /meal plan the nutritionist takes in to consideration the physical activities of his client and calories required for it and then suggesting meal plan to suit his calories requirements. The meal plan thus created can be saved in the website database and can be sent via email to the client.

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