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The Status of Outsourcing in 2013

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By Maxnet PR
Wednesday, December, 11 2013

Over the past ten years, outsourcing of many jobs in information technology (IT) has grown dramatically. According to KPMG research, going into 2013 roughly half of all enterprise level companies expected to outsource more of their application development work than they did in 2012. The areas most companies looked to outsourcing to help with were accessing better talent (70%), gaining access to better technology (62%) and improving analytical capabilities (62%).

When it comes to bringing new talent to their businesses, companies were more hesitant in 2013 to outsource recruiting, with only slightly more than 10% of companies outsourcing recruiting and staffing functions. While companies have been hesitant to use outsourcing partners in more strategic roles and have reported less value delivered in these areas, this is more than likely driven by businesses over-emphasis on cost reduction in the short-term.

With their exposure to varied industries and technologies, outsource partners are uniquely positioned to provide just the type of strategic help companies can use to achieve long-term advantages, not just short-term cost savings. The challenge for some businesses may be in changing the paradigm in their organization for strategic planning and decision-making. This may not be for everyone, but for the organizations that embrace it, they may find huge gains that give them a strategic advantage over their competition.

Because of businesses in North America focusing on keeping costs down, 2014 is expected to be a year of growth in the use of outsourcing, as it definitely offers cost-savings as a benefit.Forrester Research figures indicate that overall businesses seem to be using a 70/30 rule of thumb for outsourcing, meaning they aim to have 70% of their IT environment outsources and 30% within the company.

When we reflect on industry reports, it is clear that there is an enormous potential for growth within the IT outsourcing industry. Today, clients are more value-centric than they are focused on innovation and outsource suppliers like Maxnet understand this trend. In general, outsourcing clients expect industry knowledge, stability and quality delivery along with standard practices. This is where Maxnet fits well as a software application development company with more than a decade of experience with delivery centers in New Jersey in the United States and Pune, India. Over the past 12 years we have served clients across many verticals

Our paramount goal is delivery with operational effectiveness, cost reduction, scalability in operations, standardization of procedures and process revolution. All these objectives are accomplished with an eye towards satisfying the needs of our clients. Maxnet Technologies believes in communication as a ladder for success in all facets of client relationships.

Please look for more details in our Portfolio , which will give you insight about our experience, projects and clients.

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