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5 Recruiting Trends for 2014 a Maxnet Insight

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By Maxnet PR
Friday, February, 14 2014

Recruiting in IT to Lead in 2014 for Permanent Employees

The year (2014) has started out in unspectacular fashion from an economic perspective, but the trends in the overall economy point to growth in the coming months. The primary engine driving the projected growth is innovation and those who are innovators will be the ones to participate in the bulk of that growth and the benefits that come along with it.


Among the biggest growth segments are sales and Information technology (IT), and the people in these sectors that will be the biggest drivers of growth are the subject matter experts (SMEs) within their respective fields.

#1. Full-Time Hires on the Rise

     American employers are seeing a slowdown in their first quarter activities, partly because of the Debt Ceiling Act, but Human Resource (HR) managers are trending towards hiring more full-time permanent employees in the coming months, which is a very favorable trend for the economy as a whole and for employers too.


#2. Temp, Contract and Part-time Hiring Still Strong
     While companies will be hiring more full-time employees, there is still a large forecasted need for temporary and contract outsourcing to fulfill businesses needs for flexibility to deal with fluctuating demand. As well, businesses will still employ large numbers of part-time employees, partly because of the impact of the Affordable Care Act on employers cost structure, as it relates to employee costs.


#3. STEM Leads the Way, and Not Just in Classrooms
     Most people hear about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) occupations in the media in relation to the education systems’ need to address the growing demand to educate students in these areas. The reality is, industries are already in need of these professionals and have been for years, so the pent up demand is a current reality, not just projections on economists white boards. Many professionals in other professions are re-educating themselves and re-engineering their careers to align with the growth areas seen in the STEM professions.


#4. Skills Gap Widening
     Leading recruitment firms and consultancies are key players in making the right match between businesses needs and workers’ skills. Working in lockstep with the requisite education recruiters and consulting firms work with their candidates to help assess any skills gaps and ensure they get filled so workers and businesses can align to fill open positions and keep the growth trend going.


#5. Offshored Jobs coming Back to the U.S.
     U.S. legislators have already taken steps to encourage American companies to keep jobs in the states and to bring jobs they have offshored back to America. They continue to look for ways to add more incentives for businesses to keep fueling the American economic engine with U.S. based jobs and economists forecast this will be a trend that leads to continued growth in the overall U.S. economy.


In 2014, businesses’ challenges with recruiting requirements will be met with innovative solutions for those companies who choose to be best-in-class. Mid-sized companies are among the businesses that are experiencing significant increases in their hiring needs, which is definite a sign of growth. As Jobs are created the need to get people with the right skills in place is a challenge. This is where Staff Augmentation plays a crucial role in making the right connections between businesses’ needs and the professionals to fill those needs.


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