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5 Innovative .NET Solutions from Microsoft

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By Maxnet PR
Wednesday, April, 02 2014

Are you looking to stay up to date with the latest .NET tools? Whether you are a skilled consultant or looking for new .NET solutions for your company, these 5 innovative .NET solutions from Microsoft will keep you at the forefront of the latest innovations in program and application development.

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#1. New Look for .NET Reference Source:
     Microsoft Application Development provides a new look to the .NET Reference Source and has new features, offering an enhancement to the browsing experience. Users are now able to browse the .NET framework code in a way that is much like Visual Studio. This was initially created for use internally, but was bundled because of its extreme usefulness.
     Offline browsing is also possible because the reference source can be downloaded as a zip file, including solution and project files, and it can be opened in Visual Studio for browsing. There is even an extension for Visual Studio called Ref12 that uses the F12 button to allow users to jump to an online browser to find symbols that are a part of the .NET Reference Source.

#2. Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Upgrades:
     Microsoft SQL Server 2014 now uses the cloud seamlessly to simplify its use with data warehousing. It works with Windows Azure to provide backup and disaster recovery, making their data centers valuable for use with the program, but allowing people to use their abilities on-site. It also uses Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 to allow users to scale projects both on their own equipment and virtually.

#3. Get More in Life by Enhancing your Microsoft skills:
     Microsoft Application Development Skills provide benefits for people personally, in business, and also benefits businesses themselves. Individually, people can use this to get the most out of the tools, easily see how to use them to be successful, and learn ways to incorporate the application platform. It also provides benefits to people as they jump to higher positions or make a career change, earn recognition for delivering amazing results and innovation, and with this comes a more comfortable lifestyle.

#4. Professional Skills &Services:
     Businesses see benefit in Microsoft technology because of the flexibility in filling their needs affordably and making quick changes as those needs evolve to hybrid or cloud driven models, as well as keeping their knowledge and abilities up-to-date as technology moves forward.

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Application Development is seen as a hard to fill niche in the IT sector with 20% of businesses looking to fill these positions in the future according to a Computerworld Forecast Survey. This means that people with this knowledge background may become scarce and that training people in this area early can help businesses to be a step ahead.

#5. Microsoft Cloud Application Development tool:
     Microsoft WebMatrix 3 is a free web development tool that is connected to the cloud and provides access to easily make changes to Windows Azure websites. Each website has its own icon, making it easy to find them, and accessing sites remotely is as simple as those on a local network. This program uses all of the popular languages and makes mobile web development easy and accurate with emulators for all devices. It is designed to work with open source apps, makes publishing websites as simple as pressing a button, and gives you a mirror image of that site in Windows Azure. WebMatrix also provides source control with Git and TFS with useful features for beginners to professionals.

Microsoft’s new technologies can help meet the needs of both skilled .NET consultants and those looking for .NET for their staff augmentation. Staying ahead, means knowing what your needs are and how to fulfill them in the most valuable way.

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